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I did my RE licence training with Jon from Gibbo’s motorcycle training. Jon’s instructing made it easy and passed my exam without any issues. Will definitely advise anyone to do their motorcycle training with Jon. Krishna, Jan 2018   Fantastic training, very accommodating schedule. Having never ridden a bike before first lesson I was given right training to pass both LAMS and big bike tests first time. Easy!  – Dean, March 2017.  

“Thanks so much Daryl. I went from never having ridden a motorbike on the road with no confidence, to passing my R class today with a 100% assessment score. A brilliant instructor from day one. Thank you for all your help the past year and a bit. Will continue to recommend you to everyone.”  – Kelly, April 2017.  

“Well i passed my test which in itself is a testament to Daryl’s skill as an instructor. Very laid back and easy going experience. Never made me feel bad when i made mistakes and always had fun lessons. Will be going back to get my big license too!” Amy, November 2016.   “Thanks Gibbo for preserving me! Cant quite believe i have my license and its definitely down to your teaching style. I appreciate all the help.”  – Angie, November 2016.  

“Went to Gibbo for my RE some years back. Handful of lessons and then passed my test. Too easy. Anyone lacking in confidence should def contact Gibbo. Patient and not intimidating good all round instructor.”  – Mike, July 2016.  

“Having never ridden anything with a motor and two wheels, Gibbo was patient and very encouraging as an instructor. Passed my test yesterday and the support from Gibbo meant very few nerves and a clean pass for the first time! Thanks heaps guys!.”  – Thomas, June 2016.  

“Highly recommend. 100%. Really helpful, great learning environment. Works with you from the first lesson to taking you for the test at the driving centre.”  – Trent, June 2016.  

“I thought he was very good, did not just teach me to ride, he taught me safely and i passed first go.” – Jacky, June 2016.  

“Great instructor,very patient and supportive, highly recommended, many thanks.”  – Kim, June 2016.  

“Passed my LAMS and R class first time with Gibbo exactly 1 year apart.  Best instructor, made me feel super confident both times and was honest with me saying I didn’t need extra R class lesson I had booked in as he thought I was ready, did an hour before the test and he was right I passed.  Top bloke, sent 3 other friends his way who are all very happy with the service and results.”  – Alex, March 2016.  

“I came to Gibbo with very limited bike riding experience. I had a test booked in within 2 days of my first lesson with Gibbo. He was amazing and showed me everything I needed to know and I passed my test first go! I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike.”  – Rebecca, March 2016.

“Excellent. Made me feel at ease at all times and explained everything I needed to know and do very easily. Thanks Gibbo.I would recommend Gibbo to anybody thinking of taking Motorcycle lessons.”  – Mick, March 2016  

“Went through Gibbo’s for both my LAMS and my R class. He was great made me feel comfortable with both bikes even after having a bad accident. Not to leave out Gibbo’s amazing wife who works so hard behind the scenes booking in all the lessons and tests. So happy with them both and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their bike licence.  Thanks heaps guys.”  – Justin, February 2016.  

“Best instructor ever. Thank you for helping me get my licence I have had a blast learning with you and couldn’t recommend you enough. Thanks again.”  – Kelly, December 2015.  

“I came to Gibbo as a real rookie, never been on a road bike ever, only ridden quads and a dirt bike when I was young so needed to start right from scratch! After just over 4 weeks of lessons with Gibbo I feel confident and safe on the road, he’s taught me some great life lessons that will help me be a good safe rider…. and passed my test this morning!! Thank you so much for all your help and patience and thanks Lizzie for your behind the scenes stuff you do!! I would highly recommend Gibbo to anyone!”  – Stevie, December 2015.  

“Gibbo’s was highly recommend to me last year when I got my learners. I followed the recommendation and I haven’t regretted it. Daryl is extremely patient and has a calming encouraging personality, in which is comforting and helps with gaining confidence and experience. My son now wants to get his bike license and I have strongly recommended Gibbo’s.  Thank you both so much for all your help, advice and instructions, I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are the Best!”  – Sapphire, November 2015.  

“I Highly recommend Gibbo’s Motorcycle Training if you are going for your motorbike licence! Quality instruction on easy to ride bikes. Assessment sessions fill up quick so get your L’s and get in touch with Gibbo and get riding!! I should’ve done it years ago! Set your pride aside and learn to ride by one of the best.”  – Shane, October 2015.  

“Woohoo, passed my test today, the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. Can’t thank Gibbo enough for his patience and great instructing skills!”  – Tina, January 2015.  

“Gibbo, just wanna say ‘Thanks’ for getting me over the line for the test. Your professionalism and patience (even on the day of the test!!!) is unquestionable. I’ll be recommending you to friends in future and I’ll see you in a year for the open class. Cheers mate!”  – Shane, October 2014.  

“Thanks Daryl and Lizzie. Daryl you taught me – a person who had never sat on a motorbike before – to ride and appreciate riding . Passing my test was the best feeling of accomplishment.  Thank you for your patience, knowledge and guidance . Lizzie your conversations Gave me the extra confidence i needed. A great team . Thank you.” –  Janet, September 2014.  

“Massive massive thankyou to the most patient and amazing instructor. Gibbo you took me from a beginner to a rider and today I got my license WOO HOO thanks”  – Marie, August 2014.  

“Thank you Daryl for finally getting me to the goal post of getting my bike license. You’re an awesome riding instructor and I can’t recommend you highly enough. I’m looking forward to when you re-introduce group rides. Riding alone is bloody boring! Thanks heaps.”  – Pearl, March 2014.  

“BIG SHOUT OUT TO DARYL AND A HUGE THANKYOU FOR HELPING ME TO NOT ONLY PASS BUT ACE MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT THE R-E … YOU ARE A CHAMP!!! …. Will keep your training for life thanks again”  – Karlen, March 2014.  

“Hey Gibbo, just wanted to let you know I passed my test this morning thanks to your instruction.  This little stress-head couldn’t be happier (and the examiner ‘unofficially ‘ sung your praises too. That’s 3 in the family that you’ve helped onto 2 wheels. Whoop!”  – Julia, February 2014  

“EXCELLENT training. Highly recommend this for both new and old riders. I trained with Gibbo as a first-timer and, with his help, was able to pick it up very quickly. I’ve since passed not only my R licence but more recently my R-E licence. Thanks Gibbo!” David, October 2013  

“Cheers Gibbo for getting through my bike test. I’ll be putting your name forward to anyone who wishes to learn how to ride, thank again.”  – Phil, August 2013  

“Thanks to team Gibbo’s, I got my licence! My test time was 7am, it was mid-winter, had been raining, sun only just rising, BUT they knew the test, the examiners, the area, everything I needed to know was taught to me. I was ready! Thanks again – I’m enjoying my rides now I don’t need accompanying! The sense of freedom is electric.”  – Jayne, August 2013.  

“Thanks again Gibbo for helping in getting my Bike license. Really happy with your training and would always recommend you to anyone wanting to ride.”  – Paul, February 2013.  

“Thanks once again for all your help getting my licence. I feel really confident on the road and my wife and I get out as often as we can. She’s gone from a person scared of bikes to always suggesting we take the bike so I can’t thank you enough.”  – Ron, October 2012.  

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