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Gibbo’s Motorcycle & Scooter Training

Qualified instructor providing lessons in the Rockingham & Mandurah area
When learning to ride a motorbike, Gibbo’s Motorcycle Training offers a range of services to choose from RN (scooter), RE – LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) and R class (unrestricted) licences.

With safety first and foremost, the Gibbo’s team ensures all students are given the most up to date information and training available using the latest communication systems in place to keep all lines of contact open between instructor and student at all times.

Gibbo’s Motorcycle training is based in the Rockingham area but also operates in the Mandurah area.

Proficient in teaching with Certificate IV in Motorcycle instruction and Training and Education, Gibbo’s teaches students not only to stay alive but the psychological relationship between the rider and the motorcycle.

If you are looking for a unique gift for that special loved one Gibbo’s offers Gift certificates, just phone our office on 0430 050 332 to arrange.

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R-N Class
$80 per hour
Own Scooter/Moped is to be provided, we will come to you.

R-E Class

LAMS Approved 
$90 per hour
Use of a Suzuki GSX-S 125cc, depending on experience we will meet at a Licencing Centre location or in a suitable car park environment for first time riders.

R Class
$90 per hour
Use of a Honda NC700, depending on experience we will meet at a Licencing Centre location or in a suitable car park environment for those who haven’t ridden for a while.

Thanks Gareth for your patience and attention to detail, you are a fabulous instructor, thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience.
Looking forward to getting on the road and racking up the k’s.
Cheers Baz

– Barry, September 2019


Had a fantastic experience with Gibbo’s, Gareth was able to teach me everything I needed to know for my PDA in a clear, concise way, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wanted to learn to ride a motorbike!

-Jack, August 2019


Made the right choice when I decided to use Gibbo as my trainer for my bike license! Professional, Enthusiastic, Patient and extremely knowledgeable, my test was well prepared for and passed with flying colours!

Simple as listen, learn and trust and Gibbo won’t let you down! Thoroughly recommend this accredited Cert 4 instructor to train you if you’re looking to get your bike license! With years of experience, high quality equipment that’s well maintained, you just need to show up and learn, leave the rest to Gibbo!

Would definitely recommend all standard of riders to attend here! 

-Enzo, June 2019


Gareth put me at ease from day 1 and gave me the best training possible to pass my licence first go. Thanks Gareth and Justin as well as Bree for all her messages and support along the way – Gibbo’s is the best!

– Edna, August 2019


Gareth was a brilliant instructor easy to get along with,patient and very knowledgeable. Cannot recommend him and his team enough.

– Kevin, April 2019


I would not recommend any other driving school!
The Gibbos team are always such a lovey and bubbly bunch to be around! I had an awesome time learning with you guys and I’ll be back for my Open R class ?

– Isabella, April 2019


Gareth was amazing and gave me every confidence to pass! I nearly gave up but he helped me through and I passed after approx 5/6 weeks of lessons!

Thanks you so much Gareth! Appreciate everything you did for me! Nic

– Nicole, April 2019


I went for a refresher course as I didn’t ride for more than 10 years.
It was great. We went for some emergency stop safely and smoothly. I had a fantastic time riding and we discussed some tips for when I buy my bike.
I truly enjoyed today. Thanks.

– Olivier, January 2019


Super Friendly,knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Make the right choice let these guys get you road ready i did and im extremely happy with it.

– Joshua, January 2019


These guys rock!!! Gareth was awesome! Can’t rate these guys high enough! Gareth got me over the line for my R class!

– Leslie, February 2019


I had my first lesson today with Gareth and I am still BUZZING! He was absolutely brilliant. I have been riding a scooter so I am new to the clutch and he had me riding confidently in no time! I booked 2 hours for my first lesson which enabled me to learn so much and get lots of practice so I can definitely recommend that extra hour for a first lesson. Thank you Gareth! Can’t wait for my next lesson!

– Rebecca, December 2018


Thank you so much Gareth for all your help and support your the best xxx

– Tracey, July 2019


2 weeks ago, I met Gareth at the DoT in Rockingham not having ever ridden a motorbike in my life and 2 short weeks later he waved me off with my RE licence pass from the exact same spot.

From Bree’s professionalism in the office handling my questions and bookings, to Gareth’s up beat, easy to understand teaching style, they got me where I needed to be quicker than I ever thought possible and I cannot thank them enough.

If any of you are out there are looking to learn, Gibbo’s are the group you!

I’ll see you out there, guys!

– Daniel, December 2018


Went through Gibbo’s for both my LAMS and my R class. He was great made me feel comfortable with both bikes even after having a bad accident. Not to leave out Gibbo’s amazing wife who works so hard behind the scenes booking in all the lessons and tests. So happy with them both and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their bike licence. Thanks heaps guys.

– Justin, February 2016


Best instructor ever. Thank you for helping me get my licence I have had a blast learning with you and couldn’t recommend you enough. Thanks again.

– Kelly, December 2015


I came to Gibbo as a real rookie, never been on a road bike ever, only ridden quads and a dirt bike when I was young so needed to start right from scratch! After just over 4 weeks of lessons with Gibbo I feel confident and safe on the road, he’s taught me some great life lessons that will help me be a good safe rider…. and passed my test this morning!! Thank you so much for all your help and patience and thanks Lizzie for your behind the scenes stuff you do!! I would highly recommend Gibbo to anyone!

– Stevie, December 2015/p>


Gibbo’s was highly recommend to me last year when I got my learners. I followed the recommendation and I haven’t regretted it. Daryl is extremely patient and has a calming encouraging personality, in which is comforting and helps with gaining confidence and experience. My son now wants to get his bike license and I have strongly recommended Gibbo’s. Thank you both so much for all your help, advice and instructions, I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are the Best!

– Sapphire, November 2015


I Highly recommend Gibbo’s Motorcycle Training if you are going for your motorbike licence! Quality instruction on easy to ride bikes. Assessment sessions fill up quick so get your L’s and get in touch with Gibbo and get riding!! I should’ve done it years ago! Set your pride aside and learn to ride by one of the best.

– Shane, October 2015


Woohoo, passed my test today, the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. Can’t thank Gibbo enough for his patience and great instructing skills!

– Tina, January 2015


Gibbo, just wanna say ‘Thanks’ for getting me over the line for the test. Your professionalism and patience (even on the day of the test!!!) is unquestionable. I’ll be recommending you to friends in future and I’ll see you in a year for the open class. Cheers mate!

– Shane, October 2014


Thanks Daryl and Lizzie. Daryl you taught me – a person who had never sat on a motorbike before – to ride and appreciate riding . Passing my test was the best feeling of accomplishment. Thank you for your patience, knowledge and guidance . Lizzie your conversations Gave me the extra confidence i needed. A great team . Thank you.

– Janet, September 2014


Massive massive thankyou to the most patient and amazing instructor. Gibbo you took me from a beginner to a rider and today I got my license WOO HOO thanks!

– Marie, August 2014


Thank you Daryl for finally getting me to the goal post of getting my bike license. You’re an awesome riding instructor and I can’t recommend you highly enough. I’m looking forward to when you re-introduce group rides. Riding alone is bloody boring! Thanks heaps.

– Pearl, March 2014



– Karlen, March 2014


Hey Gibbo, just wanted to let you know I passed my test this morning thanks to your instruction. This little stress-head couldn’t be happier (and the examiner ‘unofficially ‘ sung your praises too. That’s 3 in the family that you’ve helped onto 2 wheels. Whoop!

– Julia, February 2014


EXCELLENT training. Highly recommend this for both new and old riders. I trained with Gibbo as a first-timer and, with his help, was able to pick it up very quickly. I’ve since passed not only my R licence but more recently my R-E licence. Thanks Gibbo!

– David, October 2013


Thanks once again for all your help getting my licence. I feel really confident on the road and my wife and I get out as often as we can. She’s gone from a person scared of bikes to always suggesting we take the bike so I can’t thank you enough.

– Ron, October 2012


Thanks again Gibbo for helping in getting my Bike license. Really happy with your training and would always recommend you to anyone wanting to ride.

– Paul, February 2013


Thanks again Gibbo for helping in getting my Bike license. Really happy with your training and would always recommend you to anyone wanting to ride.

– Paul, February 2013

We are open Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

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